Traveling . . . Or Not

(Image by the author) An early morning half-awake dream has me perplexed. I've mentioned a few times before on this blog that not all of my reasons for resuming my spiritual work were entirely spiritual. A lot of it was curiosity, an insatiable need to know, to solve mysteries. I don't want to just know … Continue reading Traveling . . . Or Not


This Is The Army, Mr. Dreamer

(Image from 12160) Money has loomed its head as a frustrating and fretful issue again over the past few days, following taking my dog to the vet and some smaller stuff - nickel-and-dime, really, but a multitude - piling up at the same time. It's looking as if at least part of the next round … Continue reading This Is The Army, Mr. Dreamer

Dream Construction: The Me Behind The Curtain

(Image by Rube Goldberg, of course!) Over the last couple of weeks I've had a small upswing in dream success: Not interpretation, or remembering more (in fact I seem to be remembering less again lately), but rather, how my dreams are put together. There have been several different puzzle pieces that have shown up from … Continue reading Dream Construction: The Me Behind The Curtain

Blue Feathers, Free To $10 And Up

(Image from Ask A Biologist) Happy Spring! If you've never read Richard Bach's novel Illusions, here's the reason it features a blue feather on the cover: the humble messianic figure, Donald Shimoda, gives Bach an exercise in manifestation by saying that if you think of a blue feather hard enough - imagine it, concentrate, visualize … Continue reading Blue Feathers, Free To $10 And Up