Message Garbled, Try Again



Two nights ago I had a series of dreams of which I remember practically nothing, except one tidbit: I was writing an email of author recommendations to somebody, but after a couple of paragraphs I started having trouble typing. Not me myself, but the computer. Letters I typed would show up as different letters. And then a whole block of text was hidden, most of the second half of the email, and I could only see the letters by backspacing my cursor over them.

As I was preparing to mention this dream in a regular dream discussion I do with someone, it suddenly occurred to me that this wasn’t the first time I had trouble typing something out in a dream. In fact, there have been many occasions where I’ll be trying to type something to somebody, an email or maybe a letter, and the computer is having some sort of issue or another. Like it coming up with the wrong letters on the screen or part of the screen going blank. Sometimes the keyboard won’t type at all. Almost invariably there’s some kind of what looks like a hardware problem.

So then came the next thought: If this is such a regular dream motif for me, what might it mean?

I’m a writer. Communication is not just important but central to me. If I can’t communicate something to somebody it’s not only extremely frustrating, but I often blame myself – because if I’m supposed to be a communicator, if my message isn’t getting through, couldn’t that be my own fault?

That’s the direction my dream interpretation has taken here (unless anyone has any better ideas): That somewhere along the line I’m trying to communicate something (or things) to someone (or ones) and the message isn’t getting across to them. Somewhere along the line it’s getting garbled. What the messages might be, and who the intended recipients are, though I’m not certain.

If the recipients are someone else besides me, that is. It’s possible that this is me – my Higher Self, or whoever, some larger part of myself – trying to send me messages in dreams or otherwise from all over the place, and those messages are getting garbled on their way to my conscious mind. The message itself is that messages aren’t getting through. That certainly seems likely – maybe my “hardware” isn’t quite equipped yet to process those messages, or my “software” – my understanding, my acceptance, and so on – isn’t quite there yet either. In that case I guess there’s nothing to do for that except to keep plugging away at the dream work.

In a final note, I should say that there is one big exception to my problems-with-typing dreams: When I dream that I’m working on a story. Not only do I never experience any dream trouble in this scenario, but there have been several occasions over the years where I really am working on a story and suddenly realize that the passage I’m writing is one I’d already written in a dream!


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