Dream Lexicon


(From Cute Emergency on Twitter)

I have, very slowly, been trying to work out what my friend Alexandra calls the “dream lexicon” – what the specific items in dreams could symbolically mean. I even just bought myself a notebook to write all of these down in and keep track of what things in my dreams tend to show up the most often, or show up together. (I like notebooks. I prefer handwriting stuff like this – the slow speed compared to my frenetic typing helps me think – and I can carry the notebook around much more easily than any electronics I currently have.)

The reason this has been going slowly is that as much success as I’ve had remembering dreams over the last few weeks that I’ve been recording them, I’m having a lack of success so far coming up with interpretations. I figure there could be one or several reasons for this:

(1) My subconscious’ gut isn’t helping me out on this one for whatever reason.

(2) It is trying to help me, but so far it’s been too quiet for me to hear, or I haven’t figured out to listen properly.

(3) I’m pursuing the wrong track. What the right track might be if that’s the case, though, I’m not sure of.

I’m also using my pendulum in this exercise, which slows things down somewhat being limited to “yes-no” answers. Otherwise I’ve also been getting help from Alexandra by sharing my dreams with her, and going through sources for dream and symbolism interpretation that look at such things with a metaphysical eye – this ranges from readings by Edgar Cayce to Charles Fillmore’s Metaphysical Bible Dictionary.

A few things have had solid pings, albeit not always to me.

One of the first things I asked about was dogs, which show up somewhat regularly. After telling Alexandra about one dream where a bunch of dogs practically mobbed me looking for attention and affection, what “pinged” for her was that the dogs represented my mostly repressed social life, my need to be social and find acceptance. The pendulum agreed with this wholeheartedly in the case where the dogs aren’t any I’ve ever known in waking life.

Pipes, as Alexandra also pointed out to me (in one of those things that seems glaringly obvious once it’s pointed out), tend to represent conduits of something. New ideas, energy, and the like.

Some are a bit more obvious even with my ongoing inability to notice subtlety – once some extra thought is applied. A dream with coyotes made me remember that thanks to having a bit of Southwestern U.S. heritage, I tend to associate coyotes with Coyote the Trickster. Coyote the Trickster might be harmful, or might be helpful, but is often held up as an idea of what you should avoid doing. Foxes don’t show up very often, but I identified them as my spirit animal many years ago – and I took “fox” as part of my nickname. They seem to either be guides, pointing out something to me, or symbolic of me in my youth, especially those young years during my earlier spiritual explorations.

And a few others tend to have much broader universal symbolism. For me, bodies of water tend to indicate spirit and spiritual energy. This can include floods. So it comes as no surprise to me now, delving into this dream exploration, how many dreams of floods I’ve had at some of the most non-spiritually aware times of my life – apparently they represent spiritual energy unchanneled or out of control. Occasionally I’m witness in a dream to damage done to a house – my physical and mental bodies – as a result of these floods. Or I get a warning when I see a flood that’s outside the house but not yet inside, about making sure I either figure out a way to stop the lack of control, or I don’t let it come in. A dream of my wife starting a flood in the house probably indicated that I’m wasting way too much energy on tension between us.

Last night I dreamed that I was dreaming. That’s extremely rare but not unprecedented. I’m still working out that one.

I can’t wait to see if I ever dream about trying to interpret my dreams. (Then again, maybe if I do that’ll help me figure out lucid dreaming.)





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