Symbols Growing Up

Yesterday Alexandra threw an idea at me that I’d never considered or seen anywhere else before, but which seemed obvious once she mentioned it: That symbols in your dreams can change meaning over time. In the context of our discussion she was specifically talking about learning your own dreams’ language, and then once you move onto the next level, the meanings of objects or people in your dreams can change.

I’m also thinking about that in a wider context today, though, because I had a dream early this morning that might be some sort of lesson in what she was talking about…if I can just figure it out.

Five days ago I had a dream where, among several other things going on, I was meeting some young cousins for the first time (not anyone I know in waking life), including a baby named Gracie, and a toddler, I think Gracie’s sister (whose name I forgot during the dream, and I was too embarrassed to ask). Gracie liked me well enough but her sister adored me for some reason, following me around or wanting me to carry her around everywhere (I ended up mostly carrying her).

Aside from trying to do my usual dream interpretation – and I was concentrating more on another aspect of the dream that didn’t involve the children – I didn’t think much more about it. But then this morning I had another dream with Gracie and her sister…only this time they were older. The one-time toddler was a teenager, while Gracie was still a kid though hardly a baby anymore. They found me in the dream again – and again, in a gathering of cousins I don’t know in waking life – and once again, the older sister still adored me and spent most of her time with me.

(I did know her name in the dream this time, but forgot it when I woke up – and the dream was vivid enough that I actually feel a little ashamed of myself for not remembering.)

I’ve had things and people who existed only in dreams show up multiple times, but this time was unique in both the short amount of time that it took them to return, as well as how much older they were.

And I’m not quite sure what to make of it yet. Some sources say that children in dreams represent ideas, or something new, or things that are about to come into your life. But if that’s the case here, it seems odd that Gracie and her sister returned so soon and so much older. I really don’t think I’ve made that much progress on – well, anything – in the last five days.

But I do find it interesting that the younger sister’s name was based on grace. Yesterday I was hit with my first wave of depression that I’d suffered in weeks – not a black pit but still deep – so I’m feeling even more than usual that I could use as much grace as I can possibly get.



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