Precognition: Are You Sure You Want To Do That?

Theosophy is a collection of mystical and occultist philosophies concerning, or seeking direct knowledge of, the presumed mysteries of life and nature, particularly of the nature of divinity and the origin and purpose of the universe. …

Theosophy comes from the Greek theosophia (θεοσοφία), which combines theos (θεός), ‘God’ and sophia (σοφία), ‘wisdom’, meaning ‘Divine wisdom’.

This is part of the definition of theosophy provided by Wikipedia, and it’s a good one, although I’ve deleted part of what Wikipedia posted. The parts I deleted included that the knowledge is of the hidden ancient variety, and is mostly associated now with the works of Madame Helena Blavatsky, but I’m dubious about both of those. So by the full definition I’m not exactly a good theosophist, but by what I quoted above, yeah, that’s me all over.

I’m all about knowledge. I’ve always loved learning, even if what I’m learning is just out of curiosity rather than being anything “useful”. I like passing that knowledge on, either in the form of what I write or my job as a research and reference librarian. One of these days I’ll write about my personal library existing in part as a giant hope of the preservation of knowledge. I want to know as much as I can about almost everything.

Have you ever watched Star Trek: Deep Space Nine? There’s a scene in one late episode where the station’s doctor, Julian Bashir, has infiltrated the brain of the dying, morally ambiguous secret agent Luther Sloan, who works for a shady group called Section 31, which is dedicated to preserving the Federation at all costs. He knows that Julian is about to discover one of Section 31’s greatest secrets and tries to hide it at all costs by trapping Julian in his dying brain, which would also kill Julian. How does he try trapping the good doctor? By opening up all of his secrets to Julian. Julian’s thirst for knowledge is comparable to mine, especially when it comes to finding out everything Section 31 is up to, and he nearly lets himself linger in Sloan’s mind long enough to extinguish himself before forcing himself to flee.

Me? Yeah, I don’t know if I’d have that kind of willpower.

And that’s a problem when the knowledge you’re seeking is the larger kind encompassing the nature of the divine, life, and the spirit. Or at least it can be if you let it, or choose to pursue something for the wrong reasons.

There is darkness out there, and things we consider evil – some beliefs differ about what constitutes “good” and “evil”, but what nobody argues about is that there are things which are harmful. Some incredibly so. Some of these things are obvious, like curses, or seeking personal power at the expense of others, or using Ouija boards and other similar tools without protecting yourself. But some are less obvious. More to the point, some are completely neutral, like the metaphorical scalpel that can be used to cure or kill, but we may not be ready for what we find.

When I started doing my spiritual seeking in earnest back in 1991, I quickly found that I had an adeptness for clairvoyance and clairaudience, as I’ve written here before. When I would meditate I could see things happening far way in the present or hear the voices of people who had died. But then I started seeing things, in meditation or dreams, that hadn’t happened yet.

I didn’t actually realize what was going on at first. The images weren’t anything special, profound, or obvious in any other way. Usually I’d forget about them until suddenly I was there looking at what I had seen. To quote Jane Roberts in her book The Coming of Seth – and in a nice coincidence, I hit this part of the book the same day I started thinking about writing this entry – It is my contention that all of us have dreams that give us a preview of future events, but that these dreams are usually forgotten.

To give two typical examples (albeit ones that happened a few years later):

Once I dreamed of standing over a large, silver-colored, squared-off industrial-looking sink as I washed a tall stack of plates. A few months later I wound up standing in front of that exact sink washing that stack of plates at a restaurant where I’d just been hired.

In another example, I had a very vivid dream of nothing but a wood-framed classroom door. That’s all, just standing in front of the door. Not long after that dream I was startled into stopping short by seeing that door, which led to the classroom where I would spend the next few weeks doing my teaching internship.

Both of those images seemed pretty mundane, nothing you’d necessarily remember, except that I did. But they both represented something significant. I had that restaurant job for 2 1/2 years – and I hated it, frankly, but it became my impetus to go back to college and get good grades (so I’d never have to work a job like that again). My classroom internship was the first step towards ultimately deciding that I didn’t want to become a teacher after all.

In a much more recent example, just last week, I was getting ready to type a message to Alexandra on Facebook about sharing dreams, but stopped suddenly because I remembered that I’d dreamed of typing that very same message to her a few days earlier. One could argue that my brain had already prepared the message in advance – I think this is exactly the case in the numerous examples where I wrote a passage in one of my novels and realized partway through that I’d already dreamed about writing that passage. But in this case, I was specifically responding to something Alexandra said just a few hours before, so there was no way I could have prepared my response days in advance.

So…cool, right? Somebody so enamored with knowledge as I am should be giddy at the prospect of getting glimpses of the future. Woo-hoo! And…well, admittedly, I often am. It became a serious part of my spiritual seeking in the 1990s, and has been increasingly on my mind over the last few days.

There’s no danger in seeking out information about the future in itself. But there could be danger or harm in how we react to the information, or why we’re looking in the first place.

First of all, motive. Why are you looking, and what do you plan to do about it if you do see something? Especially something you don’t like?

A lot of my seeking was (and is!) fear-based. For as long as I can remember I’ve had various premonitions of large-scale disasters, as in the kind affecting the whole world, and so I wanted to see if I could get a glimpse of the what and when to try preparing for it. I would use such knowledge to help people as much as I could, though that doesn’t change the fact that the looking was still grounded in fear, which is not a good place to start.

Also, of course, you may not like the answer. When I meditated once over a breakup I’d just had with someone I was head-over-heels in love with, wondering if there was any chance of our getting back together, the answer was a resounding NO. How do you deal with that? In retrospect I know that nothing I did would have restored the relationship, but I could have also been tempted into extremes as a result – self-fulfilling prophecy by not ever trying to get back with her, or going the opposite way and losing any chance of getting back together by going overboard trying to prove that what I’d seen was wrong.

That was quite a few years ago. But frankly, I’m still seeing things I don’t like.

I started trying to meditate again at the beginning of this summer. The very first time, almost as soon as I laid down, closed my eyes, and started clearing my mind – I mean within a minute of beginning the process – I had a vivid flash fill my mind of a 2017 calendar on fire. The first few months were aflame…beyond that I couldn’t see, or maybe they’d already been destroyed. But I got the definite feeling of something very negative going down in the early part of next year.

And there’s another danger – ambiguous information. What did that burning calendar mean? Who knows? It could have meant something bad happening to me personally, or a disaster on a far larger scale. Something that apparently would last at least a few months, or have a serious effect on the following months and perhaps longer.

I’ve had several dreams since this summer as well where the Democratic candidate for president is elected, then assassinated shortly after the inauguration. I don’t know if this is a literal warning or symbolic of something else, but it certainly has been disturbing. (Heck, for all I know it could be what sets the 2017 calendar on fire.)

Hence, the title of this entry. Seeing the future – are you sure, absolutely sure, you want to do that?

If the answer is yes, then OK. Go for it. But be prepared for what you see – and try to determine what you want to do with whatever information you find, also understanding the whole while that you may not be seeing…that you likely aren’t seeing…the whole picture. Or that you might be misinterpreting what you see.

As for me – I’m still working out what to do with what I find, and my meditations and dream work specifically aimed at precognition have been intentionally reduced for the time being. But I haven’t stopped doing them altogether, either.


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