Dream Sampler

I don’t plan to do a daily record of my dreams on this blog (although I did just buy a notebook so I could do that for myself at home). But of the five dreams I am aware of having last night I remember details from three, and those three provide a good sampler of what my regular dreams tend to be like (including ones that I’m not actually part of), and at best I only have the first clue what one or two of them might represent. So I figured I would record them here in brief:

Dream One, Dr. Seuss’ Lost Work. I accidentally discovered a manuscript that turned out to be an unpublished book by Dr. Seuss. The majority of this short dream was spent considering what to do with it – selling it would likely pay all of my debts a few times over, provided Dr. Seuss’ estate didn’t try to claim it wasn’t my property to sell. But then I also wanted to keep it, because I’m a book geek and I thought owning it was pretty cool. But then no one one else would get to read it . . . And the dream ended with no resolution.

Dream Two, I’m Only Watching. I wasn’t a participant in this dream at all, but rather I watched the events unfold as if they were a movie – or maybe someone else’s dream, for all that. I was watching goings-on at some kind of Seaworld-like park, during which some visitor swiped a little park vehicle that was used in shows and started driving around in a comedic way to entertain himself and anyone who happened to see him.

But in the process of doing this he discovered a nuclear bomb tucked away in the car, left by some terrorist, and ticking down. The water park was next to a mountainous desert, and the fellow decided to speed out into the desert and away from population centers to try getting the bomb away before it blew, and hopefully getting himself far enough away from the bomb after it was away too. I watched the distant mushroom cloud rise up and wondered if the fellow had sacrificed himself or somehow managed to get away. The dream ended before I got an answer.

Dream Three, You Saved The Ship – You Saved Us All. This time it was me put in danger around radiation – or rather putting myself in danger at need. For some reason it fell to me to go into an irradiated area and retrieve an object, I don’t remember what, and shut down the source of the radiation if possible. The only defense I had against the radiation was a shoddy-looking radiation suit that didn’t look like it had the ability to seal quite all the way. At one point I also thought about taking my camera with me to get a picture of the object, but realized that this would likely accomplish nothing except irradiating my camera too.

At one point in the dream, before going in, I was fascinated by some device that had a tall, think multicolored flame shooting out at eye level from a vertical pipe, much like the flames you see coming out of the top of a natural gas chimney except for the different colors. I don’t know what that was all about but I found the flame intriguing even though I was vaguely aware of it being hazardous.

Like the other two dreams, this one ended without resolution. I was in the process of putting on the radiation suit when I woke up.


I can take a stab at one thing the first dream might indicate: Books have always been the one thing I hoard, at great expense in years past, and this dream might have simply been reflecting that I’m the kind of person who might have trouble solving a large (financial) issue if it means giving up something large I like – and even taking into account that worries about financial issues tend to be one of the biggest external triggers of my depressive moods.

As for the other two . . . I have no idea. I’ve had numerous dreams before where I wasn’t a part of the dream in any way except as a watcher. The last one could indicate that I may somehow be responsible for saving something or someone important at great danger to myself, but that seems like – well, hyperbole, or maybe a delusion of grandeur. There are a few people out there I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to risk my life to save, but that doesn’t seem like quite the right interpretation, and the fact that I was both fascinated and fearful by fire / nuclear energy in the dream nags at me.

Both are forms of dangerous energy, but also great power, and the fire was being channeled. So the nagging is telling me there’s some critical symbolism going on here that I’m looking right over. (Particularly since it was such a major part of the second dream as well. If it had been in the first dream too I would’ve suspected a downright conspiracy.)


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