Home Sanctuary

  (Photo of "Sacred Mountain Sanctuary" by Blue Ridge Energy Systems) It's been long enough since I added to this blog that I'd nearly forgotten how to blog. I may be gone for long stretches, but I am still here, and still working to get some spiritual practice in. A couple of recent spiritual occurrences … Continue reading Home Sanctuary


Someday You Will Miss Today

(Illustration by Alex Noriega) I ran across this cartoon a few weeks ago while reading a series of them about, if I remember right, things nobody ever told you about becoming an adult (or maybe when you became an adult). The phrase in the drawing - "Someday you will miss today" - resonated instantly and … Continue reading Someday You Will Miss Today

The Universe In My Fingertip

(Image from Imgur) "Out of the cradle onto the dry land  Here it is standing  Atoms with consciousness, matter with curiosity  Stands at the sea, wonders at wondering  "I, a universe of atoms  An atom in the universe"  - Richard P. Feynman (With apologies to Feynman for quoting him in a piece about metaphysics.) The … Continue reading The Universe In My Fingertip

The Spirit Covenant, Changing the Past, and a Leap of Faith

If I'd had any of these dreams individually, despite being chock-full of symbolism, I probably wouldn't have bothered writing about them. But put back to back over the last two nights they make for an interesting combination and an intriguing string of potential messages and glimpses into spiritual locales. The three big ones in chronological … Continue reading The Spirit Covenant, Changing the Past, and a Leap of Faith